"When I lie down, I say, When shall I arise, and the night be gone? and I am full of tossings to and fro unto the dawning of the day (Job 7:4). Have you ever had a night like Job's? Too often, no matter how tired people may feel, when their head hits the pillow, the eyeballs pop wide open.   They just can’t sleep.

The medical community has experts who devote all their time to the study of sleep.  They have come up with all kinds of tricks designed to help people get a good night’s rest – medications, mental thought games, stress relieving activities.  People spend millions of dollars every year on sleep aides and stress relievers, both over the counter and prescription. 

But then there is the sleep that God grants - peaceful sleep.  An amazing story of someone who was able to sleep peacefully in a time of trouble is found in Acts 12:1-11.

1. Who was tormenting selected people in the church? (vs. 1)

2. Who had already been put to death?  (vs. 2)

3. What three things happened to the Apostle Peter in verse 4?

4. What did the church begin to do, immediately after Peter's arrest?  (vs. 5)

5. While the church was praying, what was Peter doing? (vs. 6b)

6. This was not only a dangerous and stressful situation for Peter, but I think it would have also been very uncomfortable for falling asleep.  What might have caused discomfort? (vs. 6b-c-d)

7. Not only was Peter asleep, he was truly sound asleep.  We can see this because, when the angel of the Lord came to rescue him, Peter was hard to wake up. The angel had to poke him in the side (vs. 7).  What two things did the angel tell him to do next? (vs. 8)
  This reminds me of the way children are hard to wake up, sometimes, in the morning.  They sleep in peace, and they sleep hard, getting the rest they need to grow.  When you try to wake them up, they are groggy.  You have to tell them to get dressed, brush their teeth, put on their shoes - sometimes more than once.

8. Like Daniel in the den of lions, Peter was completely at peace, sleeping between two guards and in jail for his faith. His heart was right with the Lord and he was confident of eternal security, should he should die the next day. However, he did not die.  

What was Peter's testimony in verse 11?

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