The CrossThe purpose of this evaluation is to determine the total number of college credits a prospective student may currently be awarded based upon experience and work previously completed, that may be applied to undergraduate and/or graduate degree programs offered by Therapon University. Therapon University is a ministry to the body of Christ with a mission to validate your ministry with a degree commensurate with your experience and completed studies.

Please complete this application. Once the school has evaluated your application, you will receive a response by return mail or email telling you the minimal courses the school requires for you to complete your degree program, and our total tuition, including the enrollemnt and graduation fees.

Remember as you complete the application, the more information you provide, the simpler it becomes for the school to allow credits for previous work and ministry experience. Documentation will be required for credits allowed as transfers from other schools, seminars or workshops.

Application Form


City, State, Zip
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Therapon is interested in your years as a pastor, teacher, church leader, group facilitator, Sunday school teacher, etc. Do not leave out anything. Type everything you have done, in chronological order, in the space below, or send as a separate email.


Include attachments. A copy of any ministry license or ordination papers is required.


College and Seminary should include both classroom and correspondence courses you have completed. Send any college transcripts you have, or may be able to get, and copies of any certificates you have received.

College, Seminary, Proprietary Schools, Other:

Years Degree?
Years Degree?
Years Degree?
Years Degree?


the term Clock Hours refers to how many hours you spent in that seminar or workshop.







Proprietary Schools, Continuing Education:




Certificates In:





Attach copies of any professional State and/or National License you may have. List this on this evaluation.


List the titles and send copies of any books and/or published articles you have written.


List any awards you have received in response for any ministry service you have rendered.

Sending this form by email will expedite the evaluation process, but you may choose to mail or fax the printable version. Supporting documentation will be required for your permanent records. Please mail to Therapon University at P. O. Box 12330, St. Thomas, VI 00801.

If you wish to proceed with your degree program, mail or email your completed Enrollment Application to Therapon. You may use our secure server with to pay the start-up enrollment fee and credit hour tuition by credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards. To do this, please click on the credit card row below.