I've often visited with Christians who have become disillusioned with going to church. Bad experiences have left a bitter taste in their mouths and too many have given up completely on attending any church at all.

But this is a dangerous attitude to have. When you become disconnected from the body of Christ, you put at risk the unity of the church body, your own spiritual growth, protection, and blessings.

1. According to Acts 2:42, what did the early church do when they met together?

2. We will discover a satisfying sense of fulfillment when we begin to carry out our purpose in the body of Christ. What are some things we can do in His service within the church?
  a) 1 Peter 4:10
  b) 1 Thessalonians 5:11
  c) James 5:16

3. The body of Christ is there for our own protection. Hebrews 13:17 says we are to

4. God has placed us into the body of Christ for accountability. What four steps did Jesus command us to take when a brother falls into sin? (Matthew 18:15-17)


There are going to be times when our faith is tested, when our endurance is pushed to the limit. What are some things that happen at church that could help us through difficult times? (Thought question - answers will vary.)


6. Unfortunately many people see their faith as a very private matter, something to be kept between themselves and the Lord. But that isn’t what Jesus taught. He said ...
  A blessing of regular church attendance is that it gives us the opportunity to publicly testify about our faith in Christ. This is good practice, and we will become more comfortable telling about Jesus outside church.

7. God intended the Sabbath to not only be a day of worship, but also a day of
  . (Leviticus 23:3) This is another precious blessing.

8. According to Luke 4:16, Jesus went to the synagogue ...

If you have become disillusioned with church attendance, don't give up. Widen your search and look for a Christ-centered, biblically-balanced church. But remember, there is no perfect church. There are flawed members in every church. Don't let other people's mistakes keep you from all of the blessings He has planned for us in the church.

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