“He Did It.”


Cheaters always accuse others of cheating. Liars always accuse others of lying.  Insecure people always try to make you feel insecure.  And criminals like to accuse others of the very things they have done themselves. Their purpose in doing this is to deflect attention away from themselves and grab control over the situation.

Such a person has the bizarre ability to be able to make you feel guilty, to put you in the position where you feel the need to defend yourself for something you hadn’t even thought of doing … when he/she knows very well he is the person who did it.  He knows that while you are so busy standing up for yourself and trying to prove your own innocence, you will forget the real issue – the fact that the person pointing the finger at you should actually be pointing the finger at him or herself.

Being accused of a crime can have as much impact as a physical blow to the body, especially when the accusation is false. But it’s all a game to the criminal mind.  While sticking up for yourself, you will probably end up …

  • feeling confused,
  • feeling violated,
  • feeling misunderstood,
  • feeling unheard,
  • feeling guilty,
  • and feeling isolated.

If you catch such people in their lies, they neither win nor have control.  So they don’t play fair.  They do anything they can to come out victorious, by leaving everyone confused about who is the true guilty party, and thereby maintaining control. While you are feeling blindsided by the accusation, they are feeling smug and satisfied – seeing the drama they created that messed with your head, leaving you totally stressed out and frustrated.

Occasionally people aren’t aware they’re doing this.  They may be unaware of the manipulative games they are playing, because liars will lie to themselves first before lying to others.  When they lie to themselves long enough, the lie becomes the truth in their own minds.

1. There is a great power in the tongue and people have been falsely accusing others throughout the ages.
  a) How will the righteous be delivered from false accusations? (Proverbs 11:9)
  b) In Isaiah 54:17, the Lord spoke to Israel and told her not to be concerned about the lies being told about her because …
  c) When we are persecuted, insulted, and lied about for the sake of Jesus, we will be … (Matthew 5:11)
  d) When we are lied about and abused verbally, what should we do? (1 Peter 3:9)
  e) Will it help the situation if we go around spreading lies about the person who has falsely accused us? 
    Explain your answer. (Romans 12:19; Luke 6:27)

2. Our primary spiritual enemy and accuser is Satan.
  a) What trait is at the root of his character? (John 8:44)
  b) What is the first lie Satan told that we know about?
  c) How does he disguise himself so he can more easily deceive people? (2 Corinthians 11:14)
  d) What does Satan spend his time doing?
    (1 Peter 5:8)
    (Revelations 12:10)
  e) Who are some others that we have on record as being falsely accused by Satan?
    (Zechariah 3:1-2)
    (Job 2:1-6)
  f) How can we defend ourselves against the schemes, lies, and accusations of Satan? (Ephesians 6:11)
  g) Satan works on earth to turn God’s children against God and in heaven to turn God against His children. But, he doesn’t stand a chance of succeeding because ... (Romans  8:31)

3. How would you counsel a person who, when backed into a corner, tends to point the finger at others, and accuse them of the very thing he/she has done?

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