Walk with God


1. Name the two people from our lesson who walked with God.

2. Christianity isn't just about a list of do’s and don’ts.
It's all about a relationship with God. 
  We were made to with God,
  and, without that relationship, our lives are incomplete and unsatisfying. 

3. Watch the video above, and answer the following questions.
  a) When you walk with someone, that implies ...
  b) How was the speaker's walking his girls to school a picture of our walk with God?
  c) How is our intentional, purposeful walking with God different from God walking with us?
  d) David walked with God in such a way that he was known as ...
  e) What did the Hebrews have that reminded them to walk with God?
    What was the symbolic meaning of the threads?
    What was the symbolic meaning of the tassels?
    What could we do today to remind ourselves to walk with God?
  f) What are some of the ways that walking with God is completely counter-cultural?

4. Congratulations on completing the course. What lesson in this series has impacted your thinking the most? (Thought question, answers will vary.)