Walk by Faith


1. Define faith, using Hebrews 11:1.

2. The disciple Peter is a great example of a person who walked first by faith, but then got fearful and switched over to walking by sight instead.  Read Matthew 14:22-33.
  a) What happened to the disciples after they boarded the boat and went to sea? (vs. 24)
  b) What did Peter want Jesus to command him to do? (vs. 28)
  c) What caused Peter to sink in the water? (vs. 30)
  d) Have you ever wondered why some of the other disciples in the boat didn't try to walk on the water too? What might have been reasons (excuses) they used? (Thought question)
  e) Some have said Peter only got out of the boat to show off and prove to the others that his faith was greater than theirs.  I think he got out because he wanted to be closer to Jesus.  What happens when we try to draw closer to God? (James 4:8)

3. Walking by faith and not by sight may require that you go in obedience to places you’ve never been before, and do things you’ve never done before.  Abraham certainly stands out as a giant of faith in this regard.
  a) What did God ask Abraham to do in Genesis 12:1?
  b) Did Abraham know the exact destination before he started?
  c) In Genesis 22, how did Abraham prove that he was willing to walk by faith, and not by sight?

4. Here’s a practical example.  Let's say you were given $1,000 and had to decide what to do with it. (Thought question – answers will vary.)
  a) The world would say that it is totally acceptable to
  b) A person walking by faith, and not by sight, might choose to

5. Probably one of the most difficult hurdles for some in walking by faith regards our salvation. We don’t get a certificate of graduation when we’re saved, and there isn’t a checklist of good works we can mark off to earn our way into heaven.  We are simply saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Read Romans 5:1-2.  What might be an internal, invisible faith signal that we are indeed saved.


6. Share a time when you chose to obey God and walk by faith, without a clear vision of where He was leading you.
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