Walking and Praising God


1. In Acts 3:1-8, what was the first thing the man did after he was healed?

2. What else did he do, and probably continued doing for the rest of his life?

3. Another person who probably never stopped telling her story was the woman at the well.

Read John 4.
  a) What did Jesus use as a natural point of contact with the woman at the well?
  b) How did the Samaritan woman know Jesus was a Jew? (Thought question)
  c) Jesus drew the woman into conversation, making her curious about the things of God, about who Jesus is, and what He could give her. What did she ask Him to give her and why? (vs. 15)
  d) The Samaritans believed that Moses commissioned an altar on Mount Gerazim, the mountain of blessing - this was their justification for their system of worship on that mountain. But like all faith that try to combine elements of different religions, they worshipped ... (vs. 22)
  e) What did Jesus say to the woman that convinced her He was the Messiah? (vs. 26 & 29)
  f) What did the woman leave behind, in her hurry to go share her story with the people in town?
  g) The woman was a sinner, and everyone in town knew it. I imagine many self-righteous folks crossed to the other side of the street if they saw her coming. Did the woman let that stop her from telling everyone about Jesus?
  h) Too many hesitate to tell their own praise story about their relationship with the Lord - some because they are shy or intimidated, others because they want to avoid offending others. What can we learn from the woman at the well?

4. What have all believers been instructed to do?
  c) (Mark 5:19-20)
  d) (John 15:27)

5. Would you share a testimony right now about something wonderful God has done for you (in addition to your salvation)?
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