Strategic Spiritual Warfare

Contributed by Harvestime International Institute

Jesus recognized the daily struggles we all face. He acknowledged a very real spiritual enemy, and He provided effective strategic spiritual guidelines for dealing with him. To be effective in spiritual warfare, we need to know these spiritual strategies and how to put them into action.

In this course, you will actually begin to do warfare through a 15-step interactive program that will guide you in facing the battles of life.


CHAPTER 1: Open Your Spiritual Eyes CHAPTER 9: Employ Offensive/Defensive Strategies
CHAPTER 2: Join God's Army CHAPTER 10: Take Strategic Territory
CHAPTER 3: Identify The Enemy CHAPTER 11: Resist Enemy Propaganda
CHAPTER 4: Survey Enemy Territory CHAPTER 12: Set The Captives Free
CHAPTER 5: Meet The Captain Of God's Army CHAPTER 13: Rescue The Wounded
CHAPTER 6: Complete Basic Training CHAPTER 14: Deliver The Demonized
CHAPTER 7: Arm Yourself With Defensive Weapons CHAPTER 15: Prepare For The Final Conflict
CHAPTER 8: Arm Yourself With Offensive Weapons    

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