A Practical Analysis of Job
Text By: Ben Lamar Cunningham, Th.D.

Workbook By: Daniel G. Hiers, Ph.D.

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Online Workbook Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: When Disaster Strikes
CHAPTER 2: The Second Guess
CHAPTER 3: A Tale Told By an Idiot
CHAPTERS 4 - 5: Catching Your Tongue
CHAPTERS 6 - 7: Ready, Aim, Fire!
CHAPTER 8: The Copy Cat
CHAPTERS 9 - 10: It’s Not Magic
CHAPTER 11: The Twisted Prosecutor
CHAPTERS 12 - 14: The Three Stooges
CHAPTER 15: Anger in the Camp
CHAPTERS 16 - 17: Who Keeps the Records?
CHAPTER 18: The Space Cadet
CHAPTER 19: The Alien
CHAPTER 20: Talk Now, Think Later
CHAPTER 21: Talk Is Cheap!.
CHAPTER 22: Sound Retreat
CHAPTERS 23 - 25: Understanding Where We Are
CHAPTERS 26 - 31: The Whole Story? Impossible!
CHAPTERS 32 - 37: Just My Opinion
CHAPTERS 38 - 41: The Solemn Moment
CHAPTER 42: Welcome Home

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