Prison Cell
I Was in Prison

A guide to personal witnessing in jails and
prisons; written for the lay counselor who
wishes to become involved in jail ministry.

Text by Allen D. Hanson

Workbook by Daniel G. Hiers, Ph.D.

PREFACE: Preface CHAPTER 8: Prison Widow
FORWARD: Forward CHAPTER 9: The Half-Way House
CHAPTER 1: Remember the Prisoners CHAPTER 10: Ministering To the Prisoner’s Family
CHAPTER 2: Will Your Child Ever Go To Prison CHAPTER 11: Parole and Final Discharge
CHAPTER 3: Ministering In the City Jail CHAPTER 12: Ministering To the Ex-Offender
CHAPTER 4: The Trauma of Arrest and Persecution CHAPTER 13: Long Term Effects of Incarceration
CHAPTER 5: Profile of a Prisoner CHAPTER 14: The Power of Prayer in Prison
CHAPTER 6: Ministering In The Penitentiary CHAPTER 15: The Prison Chaplain
CHAPTER 7: The Christian Convict APPENDIX: The Christian's Bill of Rights

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