The Healthy Christian Life
The Minirth-Meier Clinic Bible Study Guide

By Frank Minirth, Paul Meier, Richard Meier and Don Hawkins

PDF Workbook

Online Workbook: Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: God Loves You   CHAPTER 32: Developing a Healthy Self-Concept
CHAPTER 2: Assurance of Salvation   CHAPTER 33: The Nature of Love
CHAPTER 3: Assurance of Answered Prayer   CHAPTER 34: Agape Love
CHAPTER 4: How to Gain Meaning in Life   CHAPTER 35: Help for the Husband
CHAPTER 5: God's Word   CHAPTER 36: Help for the Wife
CHAPTER 6: Daily Quiet Time   CHAPTER 37: Communication in Marriage
CHAPTER 7: Family Devotions   CHAPTER 38: Handling a Spouse's Infidelity
CHAPTER 8: Scripture Meditation & Memorization   CHAPTER 39: Dealing with Divorce
CHAPTER 9: The Triune God   CHAPTER 40: Adjusting to the Death of a Spouse
CHAPTER 10: Selecting a Local Church   CHAPTER 41: Avoiding Co-Dependency
CHAPTER 11: Building a Christians Support System   CHAPTER 42: Forgiving Our Parents
CHAPTER 12: Sharing Your Faith   CHAPTER 43: Mood Disorders
CHAPTER 13: Resisting Temptation   CHAPTER 44: Schizophrenic Disorders
CHAPTER 14: Our Stuggle From Within   CHAPTER 45: Paranoid Disorders
CHAPTER 15: Living By Grace   CHAPTER 46: Anxiety Disorders
CHAPTER 16: The Proper Perception of God   CHAPTER 47: Psychomatic Disorders
CHAPTER 17: Overcoming Failure   CHAPTER 48: Dissociative Disorders
CHAPTER 18: The Dangers of Unforgiving Bitterness   CHAPTER 49: Psychosexual Disorders
CHAPTER 19: Handling Anger Constructively   CHAPTER 50: Other Psychotic Disorders
CHAPTER 20: Dealing with Guilt   CHAPTER 51: The Paranoid Personality
CHAPTER 21: Overcoming Inferiority Feelings   CHAPTER 52: The Schizotypal Personality
CHAPTER 22: Up From Depression   CHAPTER 53: The Histrionic Personality
CHAPTER 23: Facing Fears and Anxiety   CHAPTER 54: The Narcissistic Personality and the Sociopath
CHAPTER 24: Resolving Grief   CHAPTER 55: Borderline, Avoidant, & Dependent Personalities
CHAPTER 25: Overcoming Suicidal Tendencies   CHAPTER 56: Obsessive-Compulsive Personality
CHAPTER 26: Avoiding Workaholism   CHAPTER 57: Passive Agressive Personality
CHAPTER 27: Beating Burnout   CHAPTER 58: Organic Mental Disorders
CHAPTER 28: Understanding Our Feelings   CHAPTER 59: Disorder of Substance Abuse
CHAPTER 29: Basic Personal Needs   CHAPTER 60: Disorders of Impulse Control
CHAPTER 30: Decision Making & God's Purposes   CHAPTER 61: Eating Disorders
CHAPTER 31: Forming and Practicing Convictions   CHAPTER 62: Sleep Disorders
      CHAPTER 63: Disorder Seen in Early Life

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