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CHAPTER 1: No Other Gospel, Paul Called by God
  Questions 1-9
Questions 10-18 
Questions 19-26
Questions 27-36
CHAPTER 2: Paul Accepted by the Apostles, Paul Opposes Peter, Justified by Faith
  Questions 1-11 
Questions 12-22 
Questions 23-33 
Questions 34-45
CHAPTER 3: By Faith or by Works?, the Righteous Shall Live by Faith, the Law & the Promise



Questions 1-13 
Questions 14-26 
Questions 27-39 
Questions 40-52
CHAPTER 4: Sons & Heirs, Paul's Concern for the Galatians, Example of Hagar & Sarah
  Questions 1-11 
Questions 12-23 
Questions 24-35  
Questions 36-46
CHAPTER 5: Christ Has Set Us Free, Keep in Step with the Spirit
  Questions 1-10 
Questions 11-20 
Questions 21-30
Questions 31-41
CHAPTER 6: Bear One Another's Burdens, Final Warning & Benediction
  Questions 1-10 
Questions 11-20 
Questions 21-31

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