Principles of Environmental Analysis
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This course introduces the principles of environmental analysis necessary for organizing and mobilizing spiritual resources for evangelizing. This study stresses the importance of environmental analysis in planning strategies to reach the world with the Gospel.

This course is second in a series of three courses in the "Organizing Module" of training. "Biblical Management Principles" should be taken first, and "Management By Objectives" should be taken last.


CHAPTER 1: The Environment
CHAPTER 2: Environmental Analysis
CHAPTER 3: The Biblical Basis: Old Testament
CHAPTER 4: The Biblical Basis: New Testament
CHAPTER 5: Personal Environmental Analysis
CHAPTER 6: Analyzing A People Group
CHAPTER 7: Analyzing An Area
CHAPTER 8: Analyzing A Nation
CHAPTER 9: Analyzing A Region
CHAPTER 10: Analyzing An Existing Christian Organization
CHAPTER 11: A Strategy for Planning

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