Winning the Battle in Your Mind

Text by Joyce Meyer

Workbook by Daniel G. Hiers, Ph.D.

PDF Workbook

Online Workbook Table of Contents

PART 1 :The Importance of the Mind CHAPTER 12: An Anxious and Worried Mind
INTRO: Introduction
CHAPTER 13: A Judgmental, Critical, & Suspicious Mind
CHAPTER 1: The Mind is the Battlefield
CHAPTER 14: A Passive Mind
CHAPTER 2: A Vital Necessity
CHAPTER 15: The Mind of Christ
CHAPTER 3: Don’t Give Up!
PART 3: Wilderness Mentalities
CHAPTER 4: Little By Little
INTRO: Introduction
CHAPTER 5: Be Positive
CHAPTER 16: Future is Determined by Past and Present
CHAPTER 6: Mind-Binding Spirits CHAPTER 17: I Don't Want the Responsibility
CHAPTER 7: Think About What You're Thinking About CHAPTER 18: I Can't Take It If Things Are Too Hard
PART 2: Conditions of the Mind CHAPTER 19: I Can't Help It - I Want It Now!
INTRO: Introduction CHAPTER 20: Don't Make Me Wait - I Want It Now!
CHAPTER 8: When Is My Mind Normal? CHAPTER 21: It's Not My Fault!
CHAPTER 9: A Wandering, Wondering Mind CHAPTER 22: My Life is So Miserable
CHAPTER 10: A Confused Mind CHAPTER 23: I Don't Deserve God's Blessings.
CHAPTER 11: A Doubtful and Unbelieving Mind CHAPTER 24: Why Shouldn't I Be Jealous?
    CHAPTER 25: I'm Doing It My Way.

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