The Gospel of John

Workbook by Linda A. Ratcliff, Th.D.

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Online Workbook: Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Word became flesh, John the Baptist denies being the Savior, John testifies about Jesus
CHAPTER 2: Jesus changes water into wine, Jesus clears the temple courts.
CHAPTER 3: Jesus teaches Nicodemus, John testifies again about Jesus
CHAPTER 4: Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman, the disciples rejoin Jesus, many Samaritans believe, Jesus heals an official's son
CHAPTER 5: The healing at the pool, the authority of the Son, testimonies about Jesus
CHAPTER 6: Jesus feeds the 5,000, Jesus walks on water, Jesus the Bread of Life, many disciples desert Jesus
CHAPTER 7: Jesus goes to the Festival of Tabernacles, Jesus teaches at the Festival, division over Who Jesus is, unbelief of the Jewish leaders
CHAPTER 8: Dispute over Jesus' testimony, dispute over Who Jesus is, dispute over whose children Jesus' opponents are, Jesus' claims about Himself
CHAPTER 9: Jesus heals a man born blind, the Pharisees investigate the healing, spiritual blindness
CHAPTER 10: The Good Shepherd and His sheep, further conflict over Jesus' claims
CHAPTER 11: The death of Lazarus, Jesus comforts the sisters of Lazarus, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, the plot to kill Jesus
CHAPTER 12: Jesus anointed at Bethany, Jesus comes to Jerusalem as King, Jesus predicts His death, belief and unbelief among the Jews
CHAPTER 13: Jesus washes HIs disciples' feet, Jesus predicts His betrayal, Jesus predicts Peter's denial
CHAPTER 14: Jesus comforts His disciples, Jesus the Way to the Father, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit
CHAPTER 15: The Vine and the branches, the world hates the disciples, the work of the Holy Spirit
CHAPTER 16: The Advocate will come, the disciples' grief will turn to joy
CHAPTER 17: Jesus prays to be glorified, Jesus prays for His disciples, Jesus prays for all believers
CHAPTER 18: Jesus is arrested, Peter's first denial, the high priest questions Jesus, Peter's second and third denials, Jesus before Pilate
CHAPTER 19: Jesus is sentenced to be crucified, the crucifixion of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the burial of Jesus
CHAPTER 20: The empty tomb, Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, Jesus appears to His disciples, Jesus appears to Thomas, the purpose of John's gospel
CHAPTER 21: Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish, Jesus reinstates Peter,

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