Chapter 7

Are You Sleeping Spiritually?

Sleeping on the Job

Mark 14:37: And he cometh, and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto
Peter, Simon, sleepest thou? Couldest not thou watch one hour?


1. Read Mark 14:37-41.  What did Jesus discover after returning to the three disciples? (vs. 37a)

2. What did Jesus say to the three disciples after gently chiding them for sleeping? (vs. 38)
  Watching and praying is the way to avoid temptation; therefore, Jesus was encouraging the three disciples to discern when they were under spiritual attack.  Although they had a willing spirit, they were not always able to practice the righteousness they desired to do because willing spirits are still attached to unredeemed flesh.  Jesus, therefore, warned them not to let their self-confidence lull them to sleep spiritually.

3. Mark recorded that Jesus left the three disciples twice, with the same instructions to pray and watch.  Each tine He returned, they were asleep.  Discover what Jesus announced after He returned the third time and found them sleeping again.

4. Jesus warned about spiritual sleeping in other scriptures.  Read Mark 13:35-36.  During what hours could Christ return? (vs. 35)

5. Why should the believer watch? (vs. 36)

6 Read Matthew 24:42-44.
  a) Will the Son of Man come at an hour we expect? (vs. 42, 44 & 50)
  b) What would the master of the house have done if he had known what time the thief was coming? (vs. 43)
    We must live in constant anticipation of Jesus’ return, not sleeping spiritually, and that means being about our business for Him now.

7. Acts 28:25-27 and Isaiah 6:9-10 lay out the facts about what happens to us on a spiritual level when we are drowsy or even sleeping, instead of wide-awake and focused on the Lord.  List some of these here.

8. Read Romans 13:11-14. Because we know the danger of the times and we anticipate the soon return of Jesus, it is time to …

9. Because we do not belong to the night nor of darkness, our spiritual condition should never be marked by
  , like other people.
  Spiritually speaking, we need to be active and aware, to
  and be (1 Thessalonians 5:5).

10. In the natural there are several methods that can be employed to wake someone up. You generally start by calling their name. Should they not respond, a light shake is usually effective. Failing that, a vigorous shake or a bucket of water should do the trick. But what about God? How does He ‘wake us up’ from our spiritual slumber? 

We see the first example of this in Genesis 3:9.  What did God do?

11. Now a more dramatic shaking occurred in the life of Jonah.  What happened to him?

12. Name another hero in the Bible whom God had to “shake” to get his attention and on the right track of service for His Kingdom.
  Tell what happened.

13 Now, based on the Scriptures in our text and in the questions above, answer these thought questions.
  a) What is spiritual sleep?
  b) Why do we fall asleep spiritually
  c) What did Jesus say we should do to prevent falling asleep spiritually?
  d) What will God do to awaken us from spiritual slumber?
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