The Criminal's Belief System

“It’s My Way or the Highway.”

With the “it’s my way or the highway” mentality, the person is suggesting an ultimatum to the listener(s) who may be family members, co-workers, or fellow inmates. If you’re about to argue with a person with this mindset, the stakes can be high. What is implied is that you had better do exactly what they want or there will be severely negative consequences. 

A person with this attitude is known for his/her stubbornness, unwillingness to listen or even compromise. This is usually the controlling, superior partner, the domineering boss, the close-minded father, the leader of the gang. Such a person is often wrong, but never doubts that he/she is correct. This person has preconceived notions, and can’t be swayed to another way of seeing the situation.  He/she has no respect for another person’s opinion or life experience in similar situations. Such people are ready for a fight over every little thing, insisting that their position is the only position, and that their “right way” is the “only” right way?

Criminals need control and power over others.  The need for power, control, and dominance shows up in every area of their lives.  Their greatest power excitement comes from doing the forbidden and getting away with it.  

The fact is - life is not always going to go our way, we are not always going to get our way, and the people who disagree with us are not always going to hit the highway.  With this thinking error, it isn’t what happens to or around criminals that makes them unhappy. It is their way of thinking about the events of their lives that makes them turn to violence or crime when things don’t go their way, when everyone doesn’t agree with them.

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