Success is a blessing God wants to give you. You may not have the finances or the education the world tells you it will take to enjoy success. But you can start where you are and use what you have - especially when you have the blessings of God over your life.

1. In your own words, describe how the world measures success.
  What does God look for in the successful person?

2. According to Joshua 1:8, what is the key to success?

3. Psalm 1, verses 1 and 2 give us several important keys for success. What are they?
  c) (v. 1c)
  d) (v. 2a)
  e) (v. 2b)

4. What does Psalm 1:3 say will happen in the life of such a man?

5. In the video, The Successful Man, what did the man fear?
  Does the person who puts God first have any reason to fear?

6. Where can we get everything we need for success? (Philippians 4:19)

7. God doesn't look down on small beginnings in our efforts to be successful. In Luke 16:10, Jesus said that a person who is faithful in a
  will also be faithful in .

The Lord is watching you and desires to bless you greatly. Be faithful in what He has given you, and begin rejoicing right now. He's getting ready to give you the increase.

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