It seems there is always somewhere to be and something to do. Making time for rest seems next to impossible at times. An extra hour of sleep may might be helpful for our physical bodies, but what we need even more than that is what Jesus offers. Let's examine Matthew 11:28-30 more closely.

1. Christ gave a simple command in verse 28a. What was it?

2. To whom did He give this command? (vs. 28b)

3. What are some of the burdens people are carrying by themselves?
  c) (Matthew 6:25)
  d) (John 14:1)


What are some of the things people do on their own, to try and find peace and rest from their problems? (Thought question, answers will vary.)


5. How did Jesus describe His nature in verse 29?

6. What will be the result if we take Jesus up on His offer to help? (vs. 28c, 29d)

7. Why did Jesus say this was the best way to handle things? (vs. 30)

8. The first thing Jesus did to give us rest was to die on the cross for forgiveness of all our sins. We no longer have to live with guilt because there is now no more
  (Romans 8:1)

9. In the middle of difficulties, we can experience peace because Jesus has ...(John 16:33)

10. What are some practical things believers can do to find rest in the Lord?
  a) Psalm 119:105, 2 Timothy 3:16:
  b) Isaiah 26:3, Matthew 6:33:
  c) Exodus 20:8-10, Mark 2:27, Mark 6:31:
  d) Philippians 4:6-7:
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