1. We have the assurance that we can trust that God will take care of us because He has said ... (Isaiah 49:2)

2. There are many who have entered God's Witness Protection Plan, gone into hiding and been protected from their enemies by the Lord until the situation changed. Name the person(s) who were hidden for a period of time, and the person or nation who sought to harm them.
    Who Was Hidden Who Sought to Harm Him
  a) Exodus 1:22 - 2:10
  b) 1 Kings 17:1-7
  c) 1 Kings 18:4
  d) Matthew 2:13-14
  e) John 5:10-13

3. In the verse for this lesson, Isaiah 49:2, God promises to hide us in the shadow of His hand. Where else does the Bible tell us He will hide us until danger passes?
  a) Psalm 17:8
  b) Psalm 27:5
  c) Psalm 31:20
  d) Psalm 91:4a

4. Psalm 91 is all about God's umbrella of protection over those who love and serve Him. Name some of the perils listed in this psalm from which that He has promised to protect us.

5. What should we do in the time of trouble? (Psalm 143:9)

  Keep me hidden in You, precious Lord. Guard me from presumptuous confidence that would tempt me to leave the safety of your chosen place for me. I love You and thank You, my King and my God!

6. What do these verses require of the believer as a “condition” for God’s protection?
  a) 2 Samuel 22:31
  b) Proverbs 2:7-8

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