The Lord is very well able to guide us with nonverbal communication. Just a whisper in our hearts, and we know where we can and where we can’t go. God will let us get off the path of righteousness if we choose that direction, but He will make His objections known in our hearts. God doesn’t guide us by force, but by voluntary submission. “Take my heart and let it be wholly open to Your guidance, Lord,” needs to be our daily prayer.

1. We are so blessed! What are the three ways the Lord promises to help us in Psalm 32:8?

2. According to David in Psalm 32:8, what does God use to guide us?

3. Read Psalm 25:9. Whom is God able to guide and teach?

4. Read Isaiah 30:20-21. When Judah was prosperous and comfortable, they wouldn’t listen to God. But when they faced adversity and affliction, they were able to hear God and be guided by Him again.

The term "word" in verse 21 could also be translated "conscience." What will your conscience tell you, if you are open to guidance from the Holy Spirit?


5. Read Proverbs 3:5-6. What must we be willing to do, to receive guidance from the Lord?

6. Read John 16:23. If you are in the process of making a difficult decision and need input from the Lord, what should we do?

7. If we ask the Lord for guidance, how will He respond? (John 14:26)

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