Eternal Life


Jesus Christ had us personally in mind when He went to the Cross. Every sin that we have ever committed - past, present, or future - was imputed to Him and judged so that at this very moment we can have eternal life. Our attitude toward Christ determines our eternal future. If we believe in Him - we have eternal life. If we reject Him - we will suffer eternal condemnation.

1. John 3:16 says that whoever believes in Him will not
  , but have eternal life.

2. According to John 10:28, what have believers been given that cannot be snatched away?

3. All roads actually lead to God. Whether you're a believer, an agnostic or an atheist - no matter what road you're on, you will get to God one day and you will stand before Him for His righteous judgment.

But according to John 14:6, only one road leads to eternal life in heaven, and that's the road through Jesus Christ.


4. According to Matthew 7:13-14, it's easy to enter through the wide gate that leads to eternal life.

5. Romans 8:38-39 says that, after we are reconciled with God the Father through the saving work of His Son Jesus Christ, His promise of eternal life with Him in heaven is
  , unchanging, and forever
  Temporary or changeable, depending on our circumstances at the time of death

6. What will happen to a person who is on the wrong road and does not trust Jesus for salvation?
  a) (John 3:36)
  b) (Rev. 20:15)

7. We know we can have eternal life, because our Savior, Jesus Christ, was resurrected from the dead and lives today. Even before this happened, Job demonstrated the he was completely assured of his own eternal life, because he said in Job 19:24, "I know that my
Years later, Samuel Medley used Job's words when he wrote the text for the hymn I Know That My Redeemer Lives. Samuel was born in Cheshunt, England, in 1738. He lived a life of sin and selfish pursuits, until his leg was wounded in a naval battle which led him to pray. When the Lord graciously answered his prayer, Samuel repented and lived for the Lord from that time forward.
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