Blessings Above & Beyond


The Scriptures teach that we can know with absolute certainty that we have the life of God within us. This confidence is not based on inner feelings or outward signs. Rather, this “blessed assurance” is founded upon the promises of a faithful God and this inspired Word. It depends not on the amount of our faith but on the object of our faith – Jesus Christ Himself!

  Many struggle with feelings of doubt from time to time. These suggestions may help.
  • Ask the Lord to reveal unconfessed sin. Then follow through by repenting. Check for habitual sin, and change your ways.

  • Read your Bible daily. Study specific verses about salvation.

  • Pray regularly. Be open with Him about your struggle with assurance. Ask for confidence in your salvation.

  • Trust the Lord. Remember He loves you greatly.

  • Rebuke doubt. You know who that is planting doubt into your mind. Don't give the devil a foothold.

  • Praise and thank God for your salvation EVERY day.

  • Don't depend on feelings for your assurance, and don't let feelings rob you of your joy.
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