Throughout the Scriptures, we find angels are busily engaged in carrying out their assigned missions.

1. What are some of the things angels have been assigned to do?
  c) (Matthew 24:31)
  d) (Luke 2:13-14)
  e) (Luke 16:22)
  f) (John 20:12)
  g) (Psalm 103:20)

2. Name the person(s) whose life was impacted by an angel's assignment, and explain what the angel did.
  a) Matthew 1:20:
    (Person or persons)
  b) Mark 1:13:
    (Person or persons)
  c) Acts 5:19-20:
    (Person or persons)
  d) Matthew 28:2-7:
    (Person or persons)
  e) Daniel 6:22:
    (Person or persons)

3. What is the special work angels do in the lives of believers? (Hebrews 1:14)

Generally, we don't know what angels are doing or when they do it. They are like the Special Forces, U.S. military units trained to perform unconventional missions. God gives angels a mission, they go in, they complete their assignment, they get out, and we are seldom aware of what just happened behind the scenes.

"As Billy Graham put it, angels are God's secret agents. They are His ministering servants, protecting, delivering, and sometimes guiding. You don't know it is them. You don't need to engage them. You don't need to try and communicate with them. They are simply doing the work that God has called them to do." (Taken from God's Ministering Spirits by Greg Laurie, Harvest Ministries, Feb. 2010)

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