Unfortunately, many believers live only an adequate life, rather than an abundant life. Though they go through the motions of being “good Christians,” they don't enjoy the love, peace, joy, and prosperity God intends believers to experience.  Let's see what God has promised for all believers, and how to receive it.

1. Define abundance in your own words.

2. Read Psalm 92:12-14. What good things will happen for those who are righteous?
  c) (v. 13b)
  d) (v. 14a)
  e) (v. 14b)

3. Read Malachi 3:10-12. What good things will happen for those who tithe?
  c) (v. 12)

4. Read Deuteronomy 28, and note all the blessings of abundance the Lord has promised to give us. What is the key to receiving these blessings?
  (v. 1)

5. Were these blessings only promised to the people who lived in Old Testament times?
  Explain your answer
  (John 10:10)

6. What should we be expecting to happen in our lives this year?
  (Psalm 37:11)

7. If a person is not experiencing the abundant life, what are some changes he/she could make to get back on the right track? (Answers will vary.)

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