Rick Warren says that the bundle of abilities God has given each of us is the thing that makes us who we are and sets us apart from other people. If you think your talents are simply for you to make a lot of money, retire, and die, you’ve missed the point of your life. God has given you specific abilities for the benefit of others, not yourself.

See how some of the Old Testament men of God used their gifts for the glory of God.

1. When the Lord filled Bezaleel with the Spirit, what four gifts was he given?  (Exodus 31:3 and 35:31)

2. Notice the progression of gifts from the general to the specific. The Hebrew word for "wisdom" means to have insight or perspective into the overall plan, to see how everything fits together. What project did the Lord give Bezaleel that required wisdom? (v. 36:1-2)

3. The Lord gave Bezaleel the creative abilities required to do this job. In addition, the Lord put in his heart the desire to teach these skills to others. Whom did Bezaleel teach? (35:34) 

4. Name some abilities that Bezaleel was able to teach and nurture in others. 
  c) (v. 35:36b)
  d) (v. 35:35c)
  e) (v. 35:35d)

5. In what way are the different gifts spread out among the members of the church? (Romans 12:6a)

6. List the different gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8, and give a brief explanation of each.
    The phrase “according to the proportion of faith” means that Scripture is to be interpreted in the light of Scripture and in accordance with Scripture. The infallible rule of prophecy or the interpretation of Scripture is the Scripture itself. Any prophecy or interpretation must line up with the overall teaching of the Bible and it cannot contradict what the Bible clearly teaches elsewhere.

7. Read Matthew 25:15-30. What criteria did the man use to determine the appropriate number of talents to be given to each servant? (v. 15)

8. Read Deuteronomy 8:18. Who is the source of all our abilities?

9. If God wants us to be totally dependent on Him, why does He give us gifts, talents, and abilities? (Thought question - answers will vary.)

10. Is there a calling on your life that requires God-given creativity? Are you making the time to develop the skills required for this calling? (Answer optional)
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